Fire Show

Fire Performance Pricing

“Fire dancing is a very dangerous performance art, and fire safety precautions should always be taken.”

-Wikipedia.  Free Encyclopedia


21st Century Majorette Fire Show

Fire manipulation has inherent risks. Therefore, safety, careful planning, and focus are required to create a show that’s both sensational and safe. These are some of the aspects of what I offer and elements of their costs to help the public better understand what fire arts performance and pricing entails (see pricing below).


Risk The greatest cost to a fire artist is the risk to one’s self.  Fire manipulation is a specialized art to be respected, and as such so should the performer when negotiating payment.

Cost There are numerous expenses in fire performing some examples include but are not limited to:

Performance fuel: $14 per gallon  (approx. one gallon used every hour)

Fuel for travel, hiring safeties, & equipment such as fire extinguishers

Safety–  I perform to the standards of the NAFAA and OSHA adhering to the NFPA 160 guidelines for open flame performance set by most fire departments.  I utilize my medical background in planning and during performances.  I have performed with multiple fire artists at a time.  For solo performances I use 1-2 safeties.

Planning-I provide: wardrobe, music if needed, fire props and tools, fuel, safety provisions, performance area layout, and a show your guests will love! I can design a show to compliment different themes and events.

Transportation Travel costs to and from the event are incorporated into booking pricing.

Set Up– I provide: fuel, fueling area, fire safety materials such as flame retardant towels, fire extinguishers, medical supplies such as first aid kits, & a pre-planned performance area layout. This is to ensure maximum safety for the audience and surroundings.

Performance– I craft a show suited for the client’s needs (such as age demographic or type of event). Incorporating interaction to give a sense of connection; your guests will surely be satisfied. Make your next gathering stand out from all the rest with an experience everyone will remember.


BLS certification

I have worked with: Philadelphia Headhouse District

Fire Routine Rate: +$40.00 to entire show

Note: Additional costs such as travel expense are the responsibility of the client.  For all services, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of total costs is due at time of booking. Acceptable forms of payment: cash or money order.  Personal Checks will only be accepted 6 weeks prior to event date.  Hourly rate does not constitute total cost.  Hourly rate and other costs can be negotiable in some cases (such as fundraising/charity events, non profit functions).  

*  All attendees do so at their own risk.  Violation of agreement will result in cancellation of show(s).  Any legal issues/violations arising from any situation is the sole responsibility of the client(s).  Thus if the company is subjected to fines/fees regarding matters related to the event, the client assumes responsibility for the costs.  

I reserve the right to refuse service(s) to anyone for any reason and to cancel a show if the booking party does not meet requirements including but not limited to: providing safe environment to perform, provide necessary identification, does not meet age restrictions when applicable.

Fire performing should never be attempted under the influence or unsupervised, by anyone under 21 years of age, or anyone who is not a trained professional.  Never attempt any fire related acts without proper training first.