Performance Packages

Over 13 years of experience performing in front of audiences exceeding 25,000– at community parades, fundraising events, and Madison Square Garden/Wells Fargo Center sporting arenas. Represented Villanova University at basketball games, and performed as guest artist for Litha Symphony Orchestra in NYC.

  1. Marching Band Front Majorette– Featured baton twirler for \V/illanova University, Drexel University Pep-Band, and Philadelphia Freedom Marching Band. Perform for community parades, tailgating events, and halftime shows.  Does your band need an extra…something?? 21stCenturyMajorette will bring that sparkle to highlight your band’s musical talent.

    me with drexel band Feb. '14

    Drexel University Pep Band

  2. Live, Game-Day Sports Entertainment– Provide 1-3 baton & flag routines for pre-game, time-out, and half-time performances at soccer, basketball, lacrosse, football games. Captivate your audience and bring the the team spirit. Your fans will be cheering for players nonstop with 21stCenturyMajorette to ignite their enthusiasm.
  3. Community Festivals/Parades– Need a punchy, 15-30 minute show for a community event? 21stCenturyMajorette will bring an exciting, interactive performance for audiences of all ages. Captivate the crowd with juggling and a live, fire dancing performance.
  4.  Musical/Orchestral Concerts– Look no further if you’re in search for some visual arts to enhance your music.  21stCenturyMajorette will perform a dance/twirl routine for any orchestral performance and can be the cherry on top of a perfect concert!

    Please contact for pricing.